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Beauty Reviews - Big Apple Style

Beauty Reviews

The New 'It' Product: E.L.F. Cosmetics

(The Reason Why Beauty Doesn't Have To Be Expensive)

[caption id="attachment_94" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Affordable and worthy cosmetics from E.L.F."]Affordable and worthy cosmetics from E.L.F.[/caption] Every woman knows how frustrating it can be to spend quite a bit of money on make up products that don't live up to the hype. Nothing is more irritating than having the "knowledgeable make up specialists" swear to you that this product will make you look amazing only to find that you either can't reproduce the look or the colors are actually hideous for you. But those days are actually behind us with the advent of E.L.F. Cosmetics (Eyes. Lips. Face.). Not only is the concept revolutionary, but the creators are actually knowledgeable, and all their items cost just $1 each. Yup that's right, $1! No, we're not pulling your leg just to see if you run out of the house right now and tear down to your nearest drug store. Since I practically live for make up, it stands to reason that I have my fair share from the highly expensive brands to the more pocket book friendly lines. And I must admit that E.L.F Cosmetics is not only wallet friendly, but can actually compete with the expensive lines. I have everything from their full brush set to various types of foundations, eye shadows, lip glosses, duo mascara and blush. All of their products apply smoothly for a perfect finish and are infused with SPF to keep your skin healthy from start to finish, which is important because the sun's rays are damaging year round. Another added benefit, E.L.F.'s cosmetic palette is appealing for all skin tones and that puts E.L.F. in a league beyond a number of high priced competitors. E.L.F. is a great "must have/essential" line whether you're a makeup pro or a beginner. Makeup aficionados will love the fact that the entire line has been approved by Scott Vincent Borba, a make up artist who has worked with such lines as Hard Candy and Shiseido. Novices will enjoy the understated and muted purple and pink eye shadows, making it safe to ease into color without the intimidation of creating the clown effect. Likewise, those same colors, along with the easy to use duo mascara, are appealing to the no frills chicas who want a bit of color and pop without feeling like they have to spend all day in front of a mirror. An added bonus to the E.L.F. concept is their online beauty specialist, Achelle. Regardless of what occasion your make up need calls for, they have you covered at She also gives helpful tips on understanding your skin tone and type, and what products would be best for you. As if that's not enough, makeup lovers can create their own palettes online and choose between products for the eyes, lips and face. The E.L.F. website allows you to create various kits by picking out a makeup bag of your choice and filling it with whichever items you desire. Considering the great low price of all their makeup, brushes, and tools, this is a great idea in comparison to the overpriced pre made kits from competitors; which may or may not have the right colors for you. Where should you go to get your fill of E.L.F. Cosmetics? Well, right now they are available in your local drugstores. But just incase you didn't spy them, E.L.F. is always available at with a full selection of makeup, tools and makeup cases. So now that you know where to go when you want to look beautiful, what are you waiting for? Go out or online and stock up on all your beauty essentials today!


(A Must Have Beauty Import From the Emerald Isle)

[caption id="attachment_96" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Promoting healthy skin with all natural ingredients!"]Promoting healthy skin with all natural ingredients![/caption] Anyone from the age of puberty on knows how stressful achieving perfect skin can be. It's either dry, oily, or splotchy. Even those with relatively healthy and easy to maintain skin can still suffer from flare-ups. But regardless of whether your skin is healthy or problematic, one thing that many of us have in common is that we tend to spend quite a bit of money in order to find that magical elixir which normally falls very short of it's claims. Now, there's a new product with 100% natural ingredients from Ireland, that not only makes strong claims but actually delivers as well! Seavite isn't your typical skincare corporation that starts in the laboratory, goes to the boardroom and finishes with an expensive marketing campaign to convince the public that their product is superior. Seavite is a family owned and operated company, spearheaded by husband and wife team Kaye and Patrick Mulrooney. Patrick was a doctor who researched the healing and regenerative powers of seaweed. At the time Kaye's daughters, Jane and Katherine, both suffered from eczema, a very drying and irritating skin condition. Doctors suggested "sea, sun and sand" which was excellent during their summer months at the shore. Kaye realized that if she could find a way to recreate the beneficial effects of the sea baths when her children weren't able to go to the beach, she might have found a perfect skin care formula. From this, Seavite was formed in 1992. Although Patrick Mulrooney passed away, his daughters later went on to become doctors who continued researching the beneficial nature of seaweed as a nutrient for skin. Now, Seavite offers a full line of skincare products ranging from exfoliating body scrubs to hydrating facial moisturizers for both day and night. All of the Seavite line contains "products rich in health promoting vitamins, amino acids and minerals". Seavite products also "contain complex polysaccharides which moisturize and condition the skin and pamper the body. All of their products boast a list of 100% all natural ingredients harvested in the untouched waters off the West Coast of Ireland. Seavite is also hypoallergenic, contains no animal by products and is not tested on animals. But, the true test of a product isn't always about production but its ability to deliver a useful product to the consumer. As a dedicated user of Seavite for over a year, I am convinced that Seavite is one of the best skincare lines available on the market today. Before I started using this line, I suffered from eczema, dry skin and an uneven complexion. After a friend offered to bring me some of the Seavite line, the Exfoliating and Toning Shower Gel, Deep Cleansing Purifying Seaweed Face Mask and the Moisturizing and Replenishing Complex Face Cream from Ireland. Within a week of using just these products, I could see an instant change in my skin's texture, tone, and moisture levels. The facial cream had a non greasy texture that was light enough so that it wouldn't clog my pores but was heavy enough to last throughout the day. I no longer suffered from dry patches in my face, which was something I had experienced my whole life. The shower gel contained scrubbing beads that actually did slough off dead skin and evened out my complexion as well as minimizing my acne flare ups on my arms and legs. I could actually tell that my skin was becoming healthier the more that I used it! And that wonderful glow that I always write about to our readers...I was actually starting to see my skin have a healthy shine which normally can only be found in a bottle. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants healthy skin without overloading on unhealthy chemicals which can change your skin's texture or composition. But I especially suggest Seavite for anyone like me who has struggled to achieve healthy skin but has spent a lifetime of frustration and money on products that do little more than hydrate skin for an hour or are too harsh for our delicate skin. So, if you're tired of spending your money on products that either don't deliver or are too harsh for your skin, it's time to experience for yourself the regenerative and nourishing powers of Seavite. Currently, in the United States, Seavite is only available through their online store at But, Seavite is slated to begin distribution in the US later this year.